Scotlean offers its members various contracts to optimise the profitability of their unit, by matching different types of pigs and systems with different outlets.

All outstanding payments are guaranteed. Payments are made by BACS.

Working with our partners, we offer a comprehensive service to help reduce farm costs and increase production.

With added buying power, the cooperative members benefit from reduced costs of Veterinary, Animal Health product, Genetics, Feed and Farm Assurance Schemes.  We offer the following at discounted rates to members:


  • Scotlean Rations – manufactured by ABN to our specification
  • Scotlean Feed Book – purchasing of our own raw materials
  • Scotlean own range of creeep feeds manufactured by Primary Diets and Primary Diet Creep Feeds
  • Bespoke genetic packages tailored to individual requirements especially a depopulation and repopulation programme where poor herd health is an issue
  • Provide up to date and independent advice on cost of production issues
  • Comprehensive veterinary consultancy through the Garth Pig Practice Ltd and a supply of vaccines and medicines at very comprehensive prices
  • Aggregated buying of commodities through the Farmway Group
  • Breeding stock and AI from all the major suppliers of genetic programmes.

Members also benefit from statistical analysis of carcass data to maximise meat yield and increase profits. Data is analysed over any period of time to ensure that the pigs are marketed to the most suitable outlet.

Market information and special offers are made available to members each week via this site.

Scotlean holds regular producer group meetings from which new initiatives evolve.